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We're very proud of our building. When our Denver Metro people come up here, they say, 'That Drake Office is a Taj Mahal,' and we know it's because of Carole and her crew. I've been in this business for 18 years and Carole's is the best cleaning service we've ever had.

Hermi LaPoint, Coldwell Banker

Not only does Carole offer superior results, she also runs a local business with ties to the community. When you call her phone number with a question or special request, you're talking with someone who will act, never an answering service. Carole and her crew are very hands-on and very involved.

Kristin Beasly, Shores Office Park

Carole does what she says she's going to do. She's very good at following up on the details and making sure everyone is happy. Her staff is involved and professional, so everyone wins.

Cathy Parnick, Everitt Companies

She (Carole) retains employees, and is responsive to complaints, even if they are considered trivial. The same person has been cleaning our bathrooms for four years. That impresses me.

Linda Granberg, First National Bank Tower

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